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Trading from Home Review

10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder Review
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Trading from Home is a semi automated program, along with tutorials and help which guarantees to make you successful on the Forex market. It does this by giving you the Forex robotics expert device program (F.R.E.D), along with training videos and a constantly updated members area.

As with almost any other automated program, we decided to take a look and see how well this program is able to make you money. We found some interesting information that was available on the Internet about this.

Is it possible for you to use this program and system to begin trading from home?

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What it Claims to Do…

Trading from Home makes many of the same claims that other semi automated programs make. Simply download their robot, install it and turn it loose on the Forex market. They claim to be able to make you money by using these three simple steps.

One of the more interesting claims that they have on their website is the fact that out of their 2000+ members, over 88% of them were able to quit their day job within three months and begin making a full-time income from home. Those are some pretty impressive numbers.

What it Actually Does…

We found some interesting information about this program on a variety of different forums and through some independent testers. It turns out that this program may be high on claims and a little bit short on delivery.

Trading from Home is something that deserves looking at, and the robot that is available may be able to help you make money in some circumstances. Their claims of simply letting the robot know how much money you want to make, however, is a bit far-fetched to say the least.


Trading from Home is a great name for a program but unfortunately, we did not find any evidence that it was able to live up to all of it’s claims.

If you enjoy testing out automated programs, perhaps you could give this one a try on a trial platform account. We would not suggest that you set this one free and allow it to trade automatically, 24 hours a day.

In our opinion, this one is better overlooked for a more system, such as Forex Autopilot. Testing things is okay but making money is better

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