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Pipzu Review

Pipzu Review
Ease of Use:

Pipzu has one of the more interesting looking interfaces and the website is certainly attractive as well. Of course, having something that is nice looking is not the first thing that we are interested in whenever it comes to an automated Forex trading tool.

Since the software makes some fairly large claims as far as what it can do for you, we decided that it would be a good idea to put it through its paces. We were also interested in what others had to say about the software has a number of different users have come forward in the forums.

With a name such as Pipzu, we think it would be interesting to find out exactly how good it is.

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What it Claims to Do…

Pipzu makes some relatively interesting claims but they are nothing that we haven’t heard on the other websites as well. For example, they practically guarantee that you’re going to make money whenever you are using this product.

One of the reasons that they claim to be able to do this is because their product has an almost artificial intelligence which allows it to grow and learn as it is trading. Market timing also received a lot of attention whenever they were putting this product together.

Finally, they claim to be the lowest risk expert advisor that is currently on the market. With a lot of different products out there, this is a very large claim to me.

What it Actually Does…

We felt that Pipzu left a lot to the imagination whenever it came to the sales page. Although they did have a few bullet points which outline some of the benefits of using the product, they fell far short of letting you know exactly what the product is able to do for you.

After running it through the paces, we found that it was not all it was cracked up to be and in fact, many of the people who were talking about it on the forums also felt the same way.

We love an automated Forex trading platforms much as the next person but this is not the one that we would recommend using if you’re going to put some cash on the line.


Pipzu may be able to help you make money on the Forex market automatically but then again, some of their statistics are dated. If you’re going to be running the system on a regular basis, you would want to keep close eye on it.

We’re not necessarily saying that it’s not possible to make money with Pipzu, but we are saying that running it fully automated may not be the best idea whenever you have it attached to a live account.

If automated trading systems are what you’re after, there are some that are out there which do a much better job. For example, our top rated system, Forex Autopilot is able to consistently make winning trades, and is a much better choice overall.

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