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Marketiva did not really impress me when I first looked at their website but after taking a look at what was behind the website, I was really amazed at what was there.

It seems that it is not always necessary to have the flashiest website in order for you to be very effective at what you are doing, especially if you’re brokering other people’s money.

After reading some of the reviews that were available from those who have been using this platform for quite some time, I have to go along with them and say that it is certainly worth using, at least as one of your Forex brokers.

My favorite part about this particular platform is that their customer service really seems to be on the ball. As a matter of fact, most of the reviews that I read about this platform mention the fact that customer support was always available whenever they have a question or difficulty.

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Marketiva implement zero-interest policy right now which means no overnight interest charged/paid. I like to trade with them,they’re good forex dealer.

Actual Customer Comment from

they have a great support and trading room for newbie to learn live trading in the real time.
Actual Customer Comment from

“OK charting, fast execution, stable; excellent support and service (deposit/withdraw)”
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“They have good support, fast withdrawal response, no hidden fee, sign-up bonus, good trading platform.”
Actual User Comments from

“Provide fast and good support. Have been withdrawn more than 20 times and no problem at all. Highly recommended!

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Marketiva – Review Detail

General Trading Features
Minimum Deposit $1
Minimum Transaction Size $100
Non-currency Forex Products None
Spreads EUR/USD 3 pips
Commissions & Charges
Commission free trading?
Commission free deposits & withdrawals?
Unique Trading Features
Accepted currencies for deposits USD, JPY, EUR, GBP, CHF, CAD, AUD
Speedy Buy/Sell Yes
Stop Loss executed exactly on rate Yes
Trading Hours
Customer Access 24×7 Web Access
Normal Trading Hours 06:00 Monday Sydney time until 17:00 Friday New York Time
User’s Interface
24 x 7 Access
Customer Support 24×7 via Email and Live Chat
Ease of Use User Friendly Interface
Online Trading
Web Interface
Website Languages English
Supporting Tools
Demo accounts
Online Chat
Deposits & Withdrawals
Commission on profit withdrawals
Fund withdrawals to credit-card account
Deposit Facilities
Data Security & Handling
Transaction Security

Support & Customer Service:

Marketiva is a little limited in contact options to the general public but they do have a good reputation for being quick to respond. They have a live chat available along with a contact form. You can access these through their support link inside your account.

Minimum Deposit:

You can get started with this program with as little as $1

Payments accepted:

There are several different payment options available for this platform. Unfortunately, none of them are as convenient as a credit card or PayPal. At this particular time, they except Western Union, Webmoney deposits, liberty reserve deposits and E-Dinar deposits. Unfortunately, each of these is going to present you with a fee, even if it is only a one-time fee.

Time to Initial Trade:

Upon account of approval, you can begin trading as soon as your initial deposit goes live.

Levels of Experience Welcomed:

This particular website seems to cater more to people who are new to Forex trading although they may have some tools which are available for those with more experience.

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Are you ready for something simple? If you are, then Marketiva is the platform that you are looking for. Although it is lacking in the “shock and awe” that is common on many of these platform websites, it certainly does have the things that can get you started quickly and effectively. For a minimum deposit of a dollar, it is pretty much a no-brainer to check out the backend of this platform.

If you are a seasoned trader, you might enjoy something a bit more advanced. We would recommend that you check out our number one rated platform, Easy Forex.

Please comment below and tell us your real experiences about Marketiva.

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