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FX Renew – Premium Signals Provider


FX Renew is among the most unique Forex firms we have encountered.  As a forex signals provider, FX Renew is perhaps the only one we have seen that is registered with the CFTC and NFA regulated.  This speaks volumes about the company’s desire to separate itself from the pack.  Another thing that stood out to us immediately was our ability to reach the company by phone and receive a quick email response.  In our research, a disturbing similarity among most forex signal providers was that the companies were faceless and voiceless.  There is no information about who runs the firm nor can you reach them.  We find it worrisome.

The Forex Signal Service

We find FX Renew’s signal service to be very thorough.  The signals themselves include the analysis its trading team has done for each trade set-up.  They send radar signals when a trade is developing, so you are not surprised when an entry signal arrives.  The entry signals include a price, stop loss, profit targets, expected hold time, whether they are using a market or limit order, and the analysis behind the decision.  Best of all, they are making the trades in their real money account as they state in the website and verified with us over the phone.  When they make adjustments to a trade or exit, you are notified as well.  All signals are delivered in real-time using desktop pop-up software, email and mobile phone.

Live Trading Room Sessions

In addition to sending trade signals, FX Renew also invites its forex signal service subscribers to join live trading room sessions run by the company’s President and trading staff.  In these sessions we were able to watch their charts and hear their analysis over our computer speakers in real-time.  The analysis was top-notch and they executed live trades with their money right in front of us.  It seems this type of ongoing training is more beneficial than one-time classes because each week traders can see these professionals trade in different market conditions.  We were also able to ask questions to the host and get answers via the chat board.  Our overall impression is quality and professionalism.

On a final note, we also learned these live trading room sessions are available free of charge in FX Renew’s live forex trading account platform.  If you trade real money on their platform, you can join the sessions right inside your trading station.


We think it is hard to match the quality, thoroughness and professionalism of FX Renew. They are a unique forex broker.  The forex signal service is truly an original and the live sessions are invigorating, exciting and a great tool for traders of all backgrounds and experience levels.  We highly recommend their services.


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