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Forex Virtuoso Review

Forex Virtuoso Review
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Do you know what an impulse buy is? These are often purchases that we make as a result of reading something or hearing something that may be a little bit exaggerated.

Forex Virtuoso may just be one of those products that falls into this category. Although they have an excellent sales page and make plenty of promises, we are often skeptical about products that are named in order to excite an individual into purchasing.

To be perfectly fair, we decided to take a look at this Forex product, examine the claims that it makes and then do some research on our own in order to find out where the truth lies.

So without further ado…

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What it Claims to Do…

The main crux of what Forex Virtuoso offers is that it is a “Set It, and Forget It” system, one that can really be operated by anybody, regardless of their experience in Forex trading.

Forex Virtuoso does not claim that you are not going to have to spend any time at all on this particular system. They tell you that you need to spend about 15 minutes in order to plug into the system and from that point, it is easy to grab hundreds of pips with every trade.

It can be put into practice by individuals who work full time because according to their website, it takes absolutely no thought, whatsoever. All you need to do is put in your 15 minutes every day and then begin earning money without watching the system beyond that.

What it Actually Does…

Forex Virtuoso not only does not live up to its claims, it falls very far short of them.

Unfortunately, their webpage is well written and many individuals have fallen for their sales tactics, only to be disappointed or broke after putting the system into practice.

It uses a well-known system that can work to a certain degree but it seems as if Forex Virtuoso has been abandoned as it stopped working several months ago according to some of the reports that I read.

Forex Virtuoso is anything but a set it and forget it method. Yes, you can use it in order to make a little bit of money but you have to constantly watch the changes that are taking place in order for it to work properly.

Finally, we read too many times that customer service e-mails went unanswered, shame on you.


Overwhelmingly, we would recommend that you avoid Forex Virtuoso. Even though it might be possible for you to get it working in some particular cases, most people that are advanced enough to get it to work for them already understand how to use the system otherwise.

Using a Forex system such as this whenever you are new to trading can also leave you with a considerable amount of disappointment as well.

Instead of throwing your money away on products with fanciful names and hyped up sales pages, we recommend that you try our top rated product, Forex Autopilot System (“FAPS”).

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