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Forex Tracer Review

Forex Tracer Review
Ease of Use:

Forex Tracer is a fully automated trading program for the Forex market for the US dollar euro pair. Although many different systems on the Internet claim to be automated, most of them actually require some intervention on your part even if they only claimed that it is 10 minutes a day.

This particular program, on the other hand, runs on your computer without any interaction on your part and the only thing that you need to do is set it up in the first place. As long as you have your computer turned on and have an active Internet connection, Forex Tracer can be making you money every moment of the day.

Let’s trace this particular program and see if it comes out on top.

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What it Claims to Do…

Forex Tracer has one of the most impressive websites that we’ve seen on the Internet and it makes some outrageous claims. For example, it claims to have turned $25,000 into well over $300,000 and then another $25,000 into $43,000 in the future. It has some really impressive numbers.

Simply put, this is a program that runs on your computer that does not require any intervention on your part. It does require some initial setup button that is extremely easy and should only take a few minutes for you to do.

Forex Tracer works silently in the background, determining when the best time is to get in on trades and to get out. It has an extremely lucrative track record and it creates all of its own signals, not requiring any input on your part or decision-making on your part.

It can be used by any raw beginner and it works with any Meta4 Trader broker

It also includes the forex cherry picker, a bonus software that creates two indicators which will increase your profit.

What it Actually Does…

Well, the numbers are in and the customers have spoken, what is it that they had to say about this particular automated Forex system?

Forex Tracer seems to indeed be easy to set up and fairly easy to run. We did not see one single complaint from anybody about the ease of use of this particular system.

The complaints that we did see, however, land this program at the bottom of our rankings. Far too many individuals were complaining that they lost money whenever they allowed this program to run on autopilot. Others lost everything in their test account.


Forex Tracer is one of those programs that needs to be avoided. Can it work? Yes it can work and it is an automated system that does everything that it says it can, aside from guaranteeing you that it will make you money.

If you really want to try this automated software program, go right ahead but we would recommend that you don’t put any money on the line until you give it a thorough test. You can get a free trial period with our number one recommended trading platform, Easyforex

The bottom line is, there are other automated systems which are available out there which have a much better track record than this one seems to have. Whenever it comes to having a software solution handle all of your money decisions for you, we would rather go with something that has a little bit more credibility behind it.

To be perfectly honest, we also did not enjoy some of the deceptive marketing which was on their webpage. They show a lot of logos, making you think is in their program was featured on those shows when in fact it says that programs “just like the tracer” were featured.

Our Suggestion:

We do not recommend using Forex Tracer over our #1 rated system: Forex Autopilot System (“FAPS”)

You can go here to read our review of it.

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