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Forex Dominator Review

For traders who are looking for a program that will offer both education and trading software that makes trading the Forex easy and fun – as well as profitable – Forex Dominator may be just the ticket.

This software, developed by Cecil Robles and Michael Wier, could be the ideal solution for those who are seeking something a bit different from the same old trading systems, and this is instantly noticeable by the fact that it comes in a physical box as versus being a downloadable software. But there’s a lot more to Forex Dominator than just that.

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What Does Forex Dominator Offer for Traders?

The creation of Forex Dominator is the culmination of over 7 years and $25,000 in development. It is a hybrid system that is referred to as being “Grey Box.” The result is an extremely powerful trading software that does the majority of the analysis work for the trader.

The Forex Dominator system is actually termed as being a multi-part trading platform. This is because the system works on three different levels – trend trading, counter trend trading, and pull back trading.

Having these three techniques combined makes the Forex Dominator that much more powerful, providing traders with trade alerts while also allowing the trader to automatically determine their money management for that particular trade. This allows for trades to be executed with a lot less guesswork and effort.

More advanced traders will appreciate the ability to add on currency pairs from the six that come with the standard version of the software to a total of ten. So, right off the bat, you can be up and running with ten currency pairs from day one.

Traders need not worry about learning how to use this new trading method though because in addition to the software, you will also receive a thorough home study course package that will walk you through all of the system’s trading methods as well as how to seamlessly execute them.

Additional Key Features that Are Specific to the Forex Dominator

There are number of features that make Forex Dominator different from most other Forex trading systems. First, the software and other necessities will arrive in a physical package, so no downloading will be necessary.

The package you receive also includes a large home study guide, making it easy to follow along with the trades that the product spits out. In addition, the three-part trading platform makes this system not only unique, but also a breeze to use – allowing you to save time in both the analysis and the trading modes.


The Upside and the Downside

Similar to any product, there are advantages and drawbacks to Forex Dominator, depending on what particular traders are looking for. Yet, in this case, it was difficult to find too many things to dislike, as the system does so much of the grunt work for you.



One of the biggest advantages that traders will find with Forex Dominator is that they can essentially make more profit while taking most of the guesswork out of their trades. In fact, thanks to the fact that Forex Dominator does so much of the work for you, many may even be able to spend just a few short minutes per day on actual trading.

In addition, regardless of where traders are in their Forex trading experience, the Forex Dominator package includes a thorough home study guide. This course provides step-by-step instructions on how this platform works – and because it’s a physical book, readers can easily make notes and highlights that they can refer back to later.

Forex Dominator also offers the opportunity to add on additional currency pairs. The standard version of the product comes with access to use the software with six currency pairs. But you are given the option to add four additional currency pairs, giving you a total of ten to trade with.

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One feature that differentiates Forex Dominator could also be considered a drawback. Since it is a physical product, there is some wait time between purchase and use during shipment time. In addition, while some may appreciate the tangible study guide, others prefer to have everything online so that it can be easily referenced from a computer wherever they are.


The Bottom Line

Forex Dominator provides distinct advantages to both newbies and pros alike. Those who are just starting out with trading the Forex can definitely benefit from Forex Dominator, especially due to its ease of use and the detailed study guide that is included with the software.

For those who are more advanced in the world of Forex trading, this product will provide some definite advantages as well – starting with the many automatic features – allowing trades to be placed much faster and with much more accuracy.

Overall, any trader who is seeking to make trades with less guesswork and effort will be happy to try Forex Dominator. This three-faceted system makes trades easy to determine and execute – and while this is a physical product that must be shipped to you, it is definitely well worth the wait.

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