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Forex Best Scalping Indicators Exposed

A lot of investors out there have turned to scalping as a new wave of earning and making it big in the global currency market. This is solely because it allows investors to earn quick profits by exiting and entering the market with quick successions.

We should know that short term trading involves the opening and closing of positions and this can hugely make a big difference in your profit acquisition. There’s need for the use of a couple of indicators when trying to get it right as regards scalping.

This article would reveal a couple of the forex scalping indicators that I employ when I scalp the market. These indicators function differently in a bid to yield more profits for the investor. It is important that you are aware of the fact that scalping indicators do not guarantee 100% win as trading in the forex market is a game probability.

Find along some of the forex scalping indicators I employ in my trading activities

1) Parabolic SAR Indicator: You get entry and exit signals using the Parabolic SAR indicator. You’ll have to lookout for the Parabolic SAR to appear on your chart before making an entry or a possible exit.

As a trend indicator I use the Parabolic SAR as a price stop-and-reverse point’s determinant. Using this indicator is quite easy as we find it displayed on chart as dotted lines, with the dots representing specific time frame.

When trading the Parabolic SAR dots, we find it suitable to go LONG when the price is above the Parabolic SAR dots ad SHORT when the price is below the Parabolic SAR dots.

2) Stochastic Indicator: Using the Stochastic indicator aids investors in improving their trading accuracy as well as map as the current market condition. It is risky when you get into the market for a LONG entry when it is overbought, this indicator can be used to aid you avoid such risky probability trade.

We get retracement in price action at instances where the stochastic touches the overbought and oversold regions, making it the most suitable for scalping the market. The stochastic indicator offers investor the opportunity of knowing when retracement is going to occur.

3) Pivot Point: It is paramount for a scalper to know areas of support and resistance. Price actions are likely to be repelled whenever it hit areas of support or resistance.

Previous highs and lows can be used as levels of support and resistance and investors can as well use daily pivot points to aid then in identifying major support and resistance levels. Pivot points possess a lot of significance as most institutional investors employ this technical tool.

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