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Forex Assassin Review

Forex Assassin Review
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Our first thought when we came across the Forex Assassin website was that it was just another trading system which made great promises. After all, we are always a little bit skeptical whenever we read about systems which carry grandiose names.

As it turns out… Forex Assassin was well worth looking into.

This is a system that makes some fantastic claims but it does so in a way that is extremely intriguing. If you are just starting out in Forex and would like a way to make some consistent money on a monthly basis, here is what Forex Assassin claims to do.

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Our rating is based upon no less than 10-15 unsolicited, unbiased testimonials of the product.

These are found on forums, blog posts, similar media and other related sites which reflect real opinions about the product.

What it Claims to Do…

Forex Assassin does not say that you’re going to set the world on fire nor does it necessarily give you the idea that you’re going to be quitting your day job within just a few days of using the program.

What it does tell you, however, is that you can earn a substantial amount of money on a monthly basis without putting a whole lot of time into watching the system every minute of the day.

That makes it perfect for those of us that have to live real lives but still want to get involved in Forex trading.

Forex Assassin claims to accomplish this by using a four step program. On Saturday morning, you download numbers, upload them into Forex Assassin, analyze the data and then place your trades for the week, using the data which is provided for you.

Although it is not necessarily a hands-off system, if it works is if they claim it will only take moments for you to accomplish it and then you can be actively trading all week automatically.

It is also a price driven system which means that you do not have to watch any difficult to understand indicators to know whenever to place your trades.

What it Actually Does…

According to all of the independent research that we did on this product, it actually seems to live up to its name. Although it certainly is not something that a day trader or somebody who is trading in Forex full time will want to use consistently, it’s perfect for those of us who are working 9 to 5.

Forex Assassin seems to be a genuine product which can give anybody the opportunity to make money trading in currencies. If you find that you’re short on time, this can be a system that can really gets you started.

The only complaint that we really run into when it comes to this particular system is that it is not automated enough. There is always going to be room for error whenever you’re uploading numbers so don’t rush through this process or you may have a bad week in trading.


All in all, we have to agree with the bulk of the reviews that we found on the Internet.

Forex Assassin is worth taking a look at, testing and seeing how well it works for you.

After all, most of us are not able to pursue trading full-time but that doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy reaping the benefits that Forex can offer to us.

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