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Foreign Exchange Technical Analysis Methods

It becomes imperative to employ the use of forex technical analysis when trying to determine price actions of currencies. There are vast arrays of methods used when carrying out analysis of this type. The use of support and resistance lines along with trend lines on charts is necessary for technical analysis. Future price actions can be predicted with the use of technical studies such as Fibonacci retracements as well as Elliot waves. Moving Averages is a major technical tool that’s used by technical analyst around the globe.

You’ll require the use of charting software to get on with foreign exchange technical analysis. This is a basic tool that almost every forex broker would provide its clients. It incorporates charting software and a trade station. Hence, it is possible to analyze the market and watch open positions simultaneously. Various forex brokers offer varied features and it is wise to check in with each broker to determine how suitable their platform is. Most forex brokers would give you an opportunity to tryout their services with a demo account.

It would be beneficial to start out with the fundamentals of foreign exchange technical analysis. Some of which is known support and resistance zones, which are levels in which price could rebound or stall. Such levels are historic in nature and could be traced back to months or even years. Discover such zones by determining reversal points on historical charts.

Moving averages as well as trend lines are vital technical indicator tools. The current trend can be drawn on the trading chart to determine a break or trend continuation. Investors are critical about the 200-Day moving average, as it is an important price point. There are other moving average such as the 50 SMA and 20 SMA. The good point here is that you can display all of them on the chart at the same time.

You’ll find quite a wide range of technical analysis tools (indicators) on charting package. Forex broker do provide educational resources that would help their customers learn the basics of charting software, this you can get for free.

Some of the most accurate technical analysis methods are the traditional indicators that turn out to be the most used. MACD technical indicator is vital for detecting price divergence. We find a lot of investors trading the MACD for reversal signal. Investors employ the Bollinger Bands in knowing breakouts in price action, while the RSi and Stochastic are amongst the most widely used technical analysis tools.

Being able to combine these indicators appropriately would optimize your trading experience and these can only be developed over time, with patience alongside practice.

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