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ETF Trend Trading Course Review

ETF Trend Trading
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When ETF Trend Trading claimed that anyone – even without a lot of experience trading – can make about 100% per year, we thought this is a claim that should be checked out for sure.

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The ETF Trend Trading Course is undoubtedly the best Course that I’ve
ever used
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The course will pay for itself VERY quickly
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Step-by-Step guide for keeping the ‘end in mind’
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it only takes a few minutes per night.This is about as passive an
investment as you can get.
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What it Claims to Do…

Like we said earlier, the first claim from ETF trading course is a return of about 6% per month, which totals up to over 100% per year when compounded.

It also has a free newsletter option that promises the readers serious profits in IRA, 401K, and investment accounts in the year 2009. The program goes on to show how one can double their money in a year using the tips and news in the newsletter.

What it Actually Does…

To be honest, we were a little biased against the product on seeing such tall claims. However, it is not impossible to see ETFs (exchange traded funds) make 100% in a year. There are several funds which have done that, and there are several thousand people who’ve made more than 100% by hedging their investment through multiple ETFs.

This course has been designed in a simple and easy to understand manner, and anyone who goes through the program is assured of making sense of this complex market. The beauty of the program, and the reason why this is so unique, is that it teaches people how they can make money through ETFs by spending 5-10 minutes each night after their regular work is done. This is what we found to be the most attractive aspect of this program, and most of the users who we’ve spoken to chose the program because they did not need to be active in front of their computer through out the day watching every single fund movement in the markets.

ETF trading course gives us the right knowledge to make proper predictions for the market movements for the next day, and place trades the previous night. That is why it says 5 to 10 minutes. After having all the right information, that is all the time needed to place orders of various ETFs which look promising for the next day.

This program also allows users to bypass their stock brokers, and in the bargain, save a lot of money which all these days was being paid out as commissions and brokerage charges. The course gives us specific entry points, exit points, and profit levels which can be expected on a particular ETF. So there is really no guesswork.

This seems to be a great system for people who are new to the ETF trading scenario. While there are also many experienced people who’ve shifted to this platform, the best results are for those who are new, as they don’t need to waste time and money trying to guess the results of the next day. It is also perfect for those who don’t have too much time on hand, and have busy work days already.

Verdict – Good.


Brian Jerling – “Though I spend much less time in front of my computer doing trades, the ETF trading course has made most of my predictions come right. I am thankful to the creators for making things so simple!”

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