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Different Forex Markets & Their Timings

Forex Market Timings and Major Trading banks:

Forex markets are open 24 hours a day from Sunday afternoon EST (Eastern Standard Times) to Friday afternoon EST. In the 5 days of week, there is always one financial market open all the time, when one market close other remains open. For e.g. when London market close New York market remains open, when New York market close then Australian Market open that’s why there is no opening bell in the Forex Market.

Forex Markets starts in New Zealand, followed by Australia, Asia (and particularly Japan), the Middle East, Europe (with London being the main financial center) and America. Practically Speaking, Forex Markets never stop.

Best Trading Hours to Trade:

The answer is simple the best time to trade or the best time to take position when most of the markets are open because the volumes are high at that particular point of time and the most of the traders are active. As everyone knows that forex is a 24 hours market so the best entry point for trader is when several countries are trading at the same time. Across the world, the forex market operates from 8 A.M to 4 P.M. Hence to take advantage of heavy volume traders can take trades when the forex market hours in different countries are overlapping.

Market Open (EST) Close (EST)
Great Britain 3 A.M 11.00 AM
New York 8 A.M 4 P.M
London 2 A.M 12 Noon
Australia 7 P.M 3 A.M
Tokyo 8 P.M 4.00 AM
Singapore/Hong Kong 9 P.M 5 A.M
Frankfurt 2 A.M 10 A.M

Major Central Banks List:

Argentina Central Bank of Argentina
Australia Reserve Bank of Australia
Austria Austrian National Bank
Bahrain Bahrain Monetary Agency
Belgium National Bank of Belgium
Brazil Central Bank of Brazil
Bulgaria Bulgarian National Bank
Canada Bank of Canada
Chile Central Bank of Chile
China The People’s Bank of China
Colombia Bank of the Republic
Czech Republic Czech National Bank
Denmark Bank of Denmark
Estonia Bank of Estonia
Finland Bank of Finland
France Bank of France
Germany Deutsche Bundesbank
Greece Bank of Greece
Hong Kong SAR Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Hungary Central Bank of Hungary
India Reserve Bank of India
Indonesia Bank Indonesia
Ireland Central Bank and Financial Services Authority
of Ireland
Israel Bank of Israel
Italy Bank of Italy
Japan Bank of Japan
Korea Bank of Korea
Latvia Bank of Latvia
Lithuania Bank of Lithuania
Luxembourg Central Bank of Luxembourg
Malaysia Central Bank of Malaysia
Mexico Bank of Mexico
Netherlands Netherlands Bank
New Zealand Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Norway Central Bank of Norway
Peru Central Reserve Bank of Peru
Poland National Bank of Poland
Philippines Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Portugal Bank of Portugal
Romania National Bank of Romania
Russia Central Bank of the Russian Federation
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency
Singapore Monetary Authority of Singapore
Slovakia National Bank of Slovakia
Slovenia Bank of Slovenia
South Africa South African Reserve Bank
Spain Bank of Spain
Sweden Sveriges Riksbank Statistics Sweden
Switzerland Swiss National Bank
Taiwan, China Central Bank of China
Thailand Bank of Thailand
Turkey Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
United Kingdom Bank of England
United States Federal Reserve Bank of New York

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