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Cloud Control Review – Does Jason Fielder’s Program “Work”?

Forex traders who are seeking something different in a trading platform may want to take a close look at Jason Fielder’s Cloud Control. Fielder, a hedge fund trader by nature, claims to reveal the system used by banks – one that combines five different indicators that work together – in order to precisely identify high probability trades.

Fielder states that he has essentially reverse engineered this particular system and has stated that it will work in any market and for any time frame because of its ability to catch an extremely accurate set up that is used by large hedge funds. He has also claimed that all five parts of this system are actually included in most of the charting programs.

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What Does Cloud Control Offer for Traders?

By using Cloud Control, traders will essentially be able to benefit from piggy backing on the large flow of orders that are spurred by Fielder’s hedge fund. Below are just some of the available options.


Trading Tools

By allowing traders to combine the five key indicators, the Cloud Control system claims to help in identifying high probability trades. These five parts include:

  • Trend Lines
  • Ichimoku Clouds
  • Fibonacci Retracement
  • Pivot Reversals
  • Wave Analysis

With this platform, users are able to trade three fundamental classes, including stocks and choices, foreign currencies, and futures and commodities. Stock trades are primarily chosen from the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ, however, pick sheet shares are also available for those stocks that have a reduced trading volume.

Regarding commodities and futures, traders have a much smaller selection to choose from. However, for those who opt for trading foreign currency, there are some definite benefits to using Cloud Control in that traders can concentrate on one or two pairs of currencies and really focus in that particular area.



With Cloud Control, traders can obtain a display for gapers – stocks that have moved up or down a great deal as compared to previous days. In addition, users can see the highs and lows on stocks as well as their earnings reports, uncommon trading volume, and additional analysis that can have a direct effect on the price of the shares.

In addition to the platform itself, Fielder also offers a free report that shows how a certain combination of the five proven indicators that are found in all charting programs work together in identifying trades with high probability for profit.


Cloud Control Education and Support

Unlike some of the other Forex trading platforms that take beginners by the hand, Cloud Control will require that you know at least some basic Forex trading strategies. Therefore, there is not a great deal of education available – at least not yet.

Certainly, anyone trading the Forex should have certain fundamental tools – and this is no different with Cloud Control – including a good PC as well as a very fast internet connection that will allow for placing orders at the fast pace that may be required in order to properly execute trades.

In addition, it is imperative to stick with strategies that work in the Forex market as versus using fly-by-night techniques that have not been proven. Some of the keys to success in trading the Forex include:

  • Setting a Loss Limit – Sticking with a limit on trading losses can help a trader to escape before losing an excessive amount of funds. This is especially imperative when trading the Forex because accurately predicting the movement of the market is difficult at best.
  • Selecting a Specific Strategy for Trading – There are numerous strategies for trading the Forex, however, it would be nearly impossible to learn and use them all. With this in mind, the most successful traders are those who have selected and mastered one or two specific techniques that fit them best.
  • Trading Based on Logic, Not Emotion – Similar to any type of investment strategy, it is always best to keep emotions out of trading techniques. This is because oftentimes following emotions will only lead to additional losses.

All in all, those who decide to stick with Cloud Control will need to have at minimum a basic understanding of how to trade the Forex. Although this market has helped many in obtaining profits, it can also be the road to big investment losses for those who do not possess the proper amount of experience and knowledge.


What Are Traders Saying About Cloud Control?

As of this time, there are very few trader reviews available for the Cloud Control program, so be sure and check back often, as more Cloud Control users will likely be placing their opinions of this new system in the near future.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of your feelings on the controversial Jason Fielder, Cloud Control is definitely worth checking out. That being said, it’s a good idea to fully understand how this platform works prior to actually running it live. This means taking it for a thorough test for at least 30 days, prior to the refund period running out.

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