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AnyOption Review

AnyOption is a leading platform for trading binary options. It offers trading on over 80 different markets with its quick and easy to use method. The company was established in 2009 by several finance professionals who possessed experience in forex, risk management, derivatives, and international legislation.

This platform is 100 percent web based, meaning that there are no software downloads to contend with. It also offers a great deal of flexibility in terms of its overall operation such as payment options and trading features, making AnyOption a potentially good choice for both beginners and advanced traders.


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What Does AnyOption Offer for Traders?

When considering the AnyOption trading platform, ease of use and flexibility are likely the first things that come to mind. First, the platform offers a very wide array of payment options, including ACH echeck, credit card, wire transfer, webmoney, ESP, Cash U, and a number of others.


Trading Tools

The proprietary algorithms provided by AnyOption allow the company to trade with its traders at any time, provided that the base asset is also being traded in the relevant market and that AnyOption received accurate data feed from Reuters. Some of the unique trading capabilities that are offered by AnyOption are its roll forward, profit line trading, take-profit trading, and one touch trading availability.

One of the most unique features offered by AnyOption is the Options+ that allows traders to sell back their options on demand. This lets a trader who wishes to exit a holding prior to its expiration request a quote for sale, allowing them to instantly liquidate their holding in that position.



AnyOption is known for its agility and accuracy. Thanks to it channel partner Reuters, this platform allows traders to view accurate and up to date data in developing their trading guidelines.

The proprietary algorithm is one of the best features offered by this platform, allowing investors to trade any time from any location, as long as the base asset is being traded in the market that is desired.

The AnyOption platform also offers a mobile application for its users. This is unique in the binary options arena, and it really provides a great convenience to traders in that it allows them to trade while on the go.


AnyOption Education and Support

The customer support that is offered by AnyOption is both reliable and fast – although in some cases, they may be a bit sales oriented in terms of pushing for traders to make larger deposits for their trades.

AnyOption offers a small amount of education for its traders. So, for those who are newer to the market, it may be wise to also obtain some of the basics about binary options trading from an outside source.



Review Detail

AnyOption offer a wide range of various assets from the forex, stock, index and commodities markets.


Currency Pairs



Dow Jones AUD/USD Apple Copper
Nasdaq EUR/GBP CheckPoint Gold
Nasdaq 100 Fut EUR/JPY CocaCola Oil
S&P 500 GBP/JPY JPMorganChase Silver
Vix NZD/USD John.&John.
FTSE 100 USD/GBP Microsoft
IBEX35 (SPAIN) USD/JPY MorganStanley
IPC (MEXICO) Barclays
Bombay 30 BritishPetroleum
Hang Seng DeutscheBank
Jakarta RBS
KLSE Future Telefonica
SSE 180 (China) Turkcell
Dubai Vodafone
Tadawul Volkswagen

Other features of AnyOption include the seven different languages that are available both on its website as well as via its customer support. These include:

  • English
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Italian


Additional Features That Are Specific to AnyOption

  • One Touch Trading The AnyOption binary option trading platform lets you trade One Touch Options even outside of market hours, including over the weekends after the daily market close.
  • Profit Line Trading Another feature that proves unique to AnyOption is their Profit Line feature. This essentially will allow for trading directly from charts. Currently, this feature is only available to those who are trading one-hour options.
  • Take Profit AnyOption’s Take Profit tool allows its traders to take a profit prior to the expiry time of the binary option. There is, however, an extra premium that is charged for using this feature.
  • Roll Forward Traders using AnyOption can postpone the expiry time of their binary option to the next available expiry time that is available. This option appears on the trading page 15 minutes before the expiry of their option and is valid for five minutes.


The Upside and The Downside

Certainly, all products have their positive and negative aspects, and AnyOption is no exception. Due to the fact that binary options trading on the forex is still relatively new, there aren’t as many other platforms to compare it with. But overall, the main pro and con list consists of the following:



  • Great customer service
  • Numerous payment options
  • Extremely flexible
  • The Options+ feature that allows traders to sell back options on demand



  • Not much variety in the option types that are traded
  • Limited charting capabilities


What Are Traders Saying About AnyOption

As with any newer product, information from current users is always a great way to get a feel for how it works in various situations. Here’s what some AnyOption traders are saying:

“AnyOption is just the best options broker for learning how to trade options.”  User comment from

“I don’t even know what to say about these special one-touch options. Suffice to say they are extremely exciting to think about.” User comment from

“AnyOption is a good company, their customer service is great. I opened an account and I am doing well. They are professional, their platform is easy to use and they are the best binary options company I’ve traded with in the past year.”  User comment on


The Bottom Line

AnyOption overall can be considered as a solid and reputable broker that offers a great deal of support to its traders. The longevity of this platform in a relatively newer type of forex trading says that the company is committed to the binary option arena and is in for the long haul – which is a definite positive for both new and experienced traders alike.

Although the platform does not offer quite the variety that many traders would like to see, they are still a very solid choice for those trading in this particular market – especially for those who prefer no software downloads. In addition, AnyOption offers a lot of flexibility in its other features such as a big variety of payment options.

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