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Ace Forex System Review

Ease of Use:

Ace Forex System comes right out of the starting gate with a few words that we found to be very interesting, and we like to hear whenever it comes to Forex trading. Those words are Proven, Tested and Guaranteed.

This particular system is not a fully automated one but it does tell you what you need to do with only about 10 minutes of work every day. Most of us are aware of the fact that forex needs to be nonemotional in order for it to work properly. By using a system which tells you exactly what to do, you remove the human element out of it and have more of a chance of being profitable.

So, did this system come up all aces?

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What it Claims to Do…

Ace Forex System
makes some very familiar claims but of course, there are claims that we hope end up being true. After all, who wouldn’t want a totally automated system that would make you money hand over fist on a regular basis without any effort on your part, whatsoever?

This particular system claims that it is low risk, something that is good for any of us to be involved in. The combination of high profitability with low risk makes any system good, if it actually offers that.

The system works with about 10 minutes of effort on your part every day in order to run the program and see where you are going to jump in and jump out of your trades. By following what the system recommends, you are taking any emotion out of the mix and giving yourself the opportunity to profit as a result.

The bottom line on this one as far as its claims go is that it zeroes in on profitable trades and puts money in your account each and every day

What it Actually Does…

There’s not much buzz going on out there about this particular system but that can either be a good thing, or a bad thing. It took us quite a bit of searching but we did find several people who were using this particular system and were willing to share the results.

Ace Forex System did not fare well with those who were using it on a regular basis. There were a number of different reasons that they mentioned as to why they did not favor this particular program.

First of all, it is not truly an automated program, such as Forex Autopilot. Instead, it takes some monitoring on your part and you really need to be careful that you’re not simply blindly following a system such as this, especially with real money.

Many of the users who were experienced in Forex trading said that they did not learn anything new from this particular program. Although they did not deny the fact that it may work, they simply said that it did not offer them anything which they could not have found elsewhere.


It is our recommendation that you skip over this program, especially if you tried any other automated Forex systems which are out there. This is not really an automated system, it is a way to look at some of the indicators which are available that let you know when to get in on a trade and when to get out.

Ace Forex System does not necessarily bring anything new to the table and if you’re able to learn what the system is teaching you on your own, you will not need this system at all.

Our Suggestion:

We do not recommend using Ace Forex System over our #1 rated system: Forex Autopilot System (“FAPS”).

You can go here to read our review of it.

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