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About is run by Alex Miller who is a keen Forex enthusiast and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the site – including marketing, design and content. The actual content itself is not produced by Alex but is instead dealt with by his highly professional content team (please see below).

Our internal research team at consists of high quality and experienced fundamental and technical analysts who constantly monitor and track global forex and commodity markets.

The content team is headed by an ex-portfolio manager, who has extensive global markets experience. The head is an MBA (Finance) from upstate NY with experience primarily in Forex markets trading. Our core technical analyst team, which was formed at the beginning of 2008, is composed of MBAs and professional degree holders in programs such as Post Graduate in Security Analysis and Trading (PGDSAT).

Most of our team has real time trading experience in forex and other major markets throughout the world. Our team constantly monitors and researches trading strategies and systems based on which we are able to publish internal research and provide Forex guidance, in addition to hedging our corporate finance activities.

In addition to technical analysis based trading, the team publishes blogs, reports and white papers on major currencies including the US Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling and Japanese Yen, in addition to other common currencies. Our trading systems include Alligator System, Fibonacci retracement system and the 7 days trading system [in which the success rate is more than 80%]. We typically limit risks using stop losses and are competent with candlestick based intraday trading.

We all welcome you to and hope you enjoy what we have worked so hard to produce.

Kindest regards, Team

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